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The past year has brought two of the most exciting brand models to date in the i3 and i8.  Both of these electric vehicles are very unique in comparison to the traditional models we have offered here at BMW of Idaho Falls in the past, thanks to their components and design.

With new technology and some futuristic looks, the i models are a step in a different direction, and with the initial reviews being very positive, BMW is expanding the lineup.

The Detroit Auto Show began this week, and with its inception came the exciting confirmation that BMW would produce a third model in their electric lineup.  Previously it came to light that they had registered the i5 name, and now it looks that this will adorn an electric sedan from our brand.

AutoblogGreen caught up with Jacob Harb, the head of electric vehicle operations and strategy at BMW, in the Motor City this week.  In the interview Harb stated that the new i5 will be "A little bigger, maybe a little more range, relative to the i3," and that they have "Everything trademarked and [are] exploring the best, next iteration."1

Make sure you keep in the know here on our blog as more information is released about this new model, because as Harb said in closing: "It is coming. It's in development now."2

Some expect that this model will be available here in our inventory of new BMW vehicles sometime in 2016, and this date cannot come soon enough.  This exciting third edition under the i badge will add another efficient ride to our long list of ultimate driving machines, so do not miss out when the time comes.

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