August Sales Point to Strong Year for BMW

What do you call a strong sales month? Do you judge it by year-over-year gains, or the numbers from model to model? Whatever you look at, it's hard to call BMW's August anything less than impressive.

The tally for August was 30,546 for both BMW and its MINI sub-brand. Combined, this represents a 35.4 percent year-over-year increase from August 2012. However, when you look at just BMW on its own, the year-over-year figure grows to 45.7 percent.

According to BMW's North American LLC President and CEO, Ludwig Willisch, the summer has been a fairly strong one for the automaker, setting a good pace for the autumn season, which is very important in the automotive industry.

He also is optimistic the year will end on a strong note. "With the arrival of the new X5 and the new 4 Series Coupe in the next couple of months, we are heading towards a strong finish for the year, " he said. 1

This isn't hard to project by looking at the year-to-date (YTD) numbers. By this time in August 2012, BMW had sold 164,636 models. This year, the number stands at 188,997--a 14.8 percent YTD growth. And if the buzz surrounding the 4 Series Coupe and X5 are anything to go by, BMW will finish the year burning on all cylinders, indeed.

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