First Look: BMW i8 Roadster

Here at BMW of Idaho Falls, we've been really excited for the i8 production model for quite a while, and at long last, it's finally been unveiled. True to the promise we made in our last blog post, here's a write up of what made it from the prototype.

The big news is that like its i3 sibling, the i8 Roadster has changed little from its concept days. This is pretty exciting, since usually prototypes come with a lot of "too good to be true" styling and technology. But it's all there: the dragonfly wing doors, the body lines, and the accenting we've come to love.

The hybrid powertrain is virtually unchanged as well. The i8 offers a 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine married to the BMW eDrive electric motor. The gas powered engine will be the drive force for the rear wheels, while the electric motor will power the front. This will give the roadster some pretty stellar power numbers on the road--something to the tune of 362-horsepower combined.

The i8 Roadster is set to debut in the U.S.--which BMW says will be its biggest market--next year with the 2014 model year. We'll keep you posted about when it will be released.

In the meantime, the models on our Idaho Falls, ID lot have plenty to offer to drivers searching for a luxury auto. Get in touch with us at our dealership or drop on by to set up a test drive at your convenience.

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