BMW i8 Production Model to Be Unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

Another concept car we've had our eye on lately has been the BMW i8 of the Bavarian manufacturer's upcoming BMW i brand of plug-in electric autos. We've seen various iterations of the prototype teased at auto shows for some time now, but it will be at Frankfurt that we'll finally get a chance to see what this splendid sports car will look like in production form.

The i8 isn't your average sports car. At its heart, it features a plug-in hybrid powertrain, similar, but obviously more amped up than the i3 that was unveiled last month. The prototypes we've seen all point to a stylish design with smooth rooflines, but we won't know for sure when the wrapping comes off at Frankfurt.

What we do know is that the i8 will be the first car in the automotive industry to use Gorilla Glass on a production car. Gorilla Glass, which features a chemically-reinforced composition, is magnitudes stronger than normal glass, and is also completely scratch resistant, to boot. That means any of you BMW fans out there that rue the idea of putting a mark on your new sports car won't have that problem with the i8.

Like its i3 sibling, we may not see the i8 in showrooms for a few months to come. The good news, though, is that BMW has mentioned it sees the U.S. as being the electric sports car's biggest market. So you can bet on seeing it in our Idaho Falls, ID locale in the future!

For more news on upcoming models, and coverage of BMW vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show, stay tuned to the BMW of Idaho Falls blog for updates.

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